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Update 05.09.06:ZeroHero's list of MUI classes - a much more live an updated version of TUMULT (and in no way connected with TUMULT)


TUMULT is an acronym for "The unofficial MUI custom class list" and that is exactly the contents of these pages. There are two main purposes for this list. First of all it should make it easier for normal users to find and download needed custom classes and secondly it should provide a quick reference for developers who need a certain custom class.

The list will only contain classes which have been registered as described on the registrationpage (How to register new classes). This means that the completeness of this list will depend solely on the willingness of all custom class authors. Hopefully you will all support this initiative.

Unsupported classes or classes which is no longer being developed might be added to the list without the consent of the author - especially if it is not possible to contact the author. An author can always refuse to have his classes included in this list - although it is hard to imagine why he would do so.

If you are looking for a class which is not present on the list then you could try to search the Aminet archives.

The TUMULT pages are generated automatically by using Rebol. Since the 3rd of March 1999 this page has had the following number of visitors:

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The old [email protected] email address is NO LONGER working. If anyone does know a current email address for the person who made the TUMULT pages, please contact me.