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How to register new classes

To make registration of MCC's easy we use Rebol to automatically generate TUMULT. This means that to register a class (or several classes) you must create a file containing Rebol-blocks. This is very easy though as you can see in the following example.

For registering the classes TextEditor.mcc and HTMLView.mcc the following file could be created (named "Duff.tumult"):

[ Name:        "TextEditor.mcc"
  Author:      "Allan Odgaard"
  EMail:       "Duff@DIKU.DK"
  SupportURL:  "http://www.diku.dk/students/duff/TextEditor/index.html"
  FileURL:     "http://sahl.mondo.dk/duff/MCC_TextEditor.LZX"
  Price:       "Requires a licence"
  Status:      "Registered"
  Description: {
TextEditor.mcc is a fast multiline stringgadget. It can hold quite large texts
without noticeable slowdowns. It supports the clipboard, it can show text with
different styles, alignments and colors. It can hold separators, it has
multilevel undo/redo and it can easily be configured to use an external spell
checker for type'n'spell and word guessing.
  UsedIn:      [
                 ["YAM"    "http://www.yam.ch/"]

[ Name:        "HTMLview.mcc"
  Author:      "Allan Odgaard"
  EMail:       "Duff@DIKU.DK"
  SupportURL:  "http://www.diku.dk/students/duff/HTMLview/index.html"
  FileURL:     "http://sahl.mondo.dk/duff/MCC_HTMLview.LZX"
  Price:       "Requires a licence"
  Status:      "beta"
  Description: {
HTMLview is a MUI class that will load, parse and display HTML formatted text.

The class supports most of the HTML 4.0 standard as defined by W3C, it is
infact often more accurate than most browsers.

It is very well suited for mail programs or similar, which just wants to
display HTML fast, and the class really is fast, I have still not seen
anything like it :-)
  UsedIn:      [ ["IProbe" "http://www.diku.dk/students/duff/index.html"]

Blank lines and comments (lines beginning with ';') are allowed. Be aware that you can leave out any information you like (except the name). For your convenience a template has been supplied. You can either create one file for each class or have several blocks in one file. The choice is yours.

Supported keywords (so far) are: Name, Author, EMail, SupportURL, FileURL, Price, Status, DescriptionType, Description and UsedIn. DescriptionType can be "HTML" or "ASCII" - although "ASCII" is the default, so you actually don't need it. The keyword Status could e.g. be 'Registered', 'Beta', 'On hold' or even 'Dropped'. Price could e.g. be 'Shareware', 'Postcardware' or 'Free'.

When you have created your file or files then simply email them to TUMULT@Amiga.DK and within a few days the list should be updated. If you want to change anything on the list then you just have to email the updated files.

Known classes unregistered at TUMULT

A quick search on Aminet revealed the following classes not registered at TUMULT. The authors have been contacted, but unfortunately they have not replied.

Name               Directory  Size Age Description

MCCIcon_1_1.lha dev/mui 23K 149 MUI public custom Icon class MCC_BBalance.lha dev/mui 61K 56 BetterBalance MUI Custom Class MCC_Busy2_4.lha dev/mui 41K 102 Busy display bar, reg. MUI-Class MCC_CompactWin.lha dev/mui 19K 26 Alternative window class for MUI MCC_ImgButton.lha dev/mui 69K 47 ImageButton MUI Custom Class MCC_Lamp.lha dev/mui 69K 121 Lamp MUI custom class (Version 11.1) MCC_LayGroup.lha dev/mui 15K 69 Automatic object layout within a group MCC_NList0_89.lha dev/mui 187K 22 MUI List clone with horiz scroll and much mo MCC_Readargsgr.lha dev/mui 16K 38 Build GUI from ReadArgs template MCC_SettingsWi.lha dev/mui 126K 24 SettingsWindow MUI custom class MCC_VLab.lha dev/mui 43K 7 Monitor & Grab images using VLab 13.0 MCC_Spanish.lha misc/edu 20K 81 Spanish output grammar class for DITO