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Here you can find various links to both MCC-related and general MUI-related resources. The list is far from complete and you are welcome/urged to suggest additional links.

Please be aware that the links to archives do not guarantee that you will actually get the latest revision. To be sure to get the latest revision of an archive simply follow the link to the homepage and get the archive from there.

Development Tools/Information

ClassDirector This program helps you to manage MUI OOP projects. Three lists represent project classes, methods and attributes. With these lists you can easily browse program structure. The author of this program is Andrei Chereshnev. Archive
Listtree.mcc and others The author of Listtree.mcc (Klaus Melchior) seems to have disappeared. Therefore his widely used class Listtree.mcc has been placed here for easy download. Don't expect any updates though. There is also a link to his homepage, but it hasn't changed for a very long time and it doesn't always work. Archive
MUI Registration Info This is a description of how to officially register your MUI custom class.
MUI2C MUI2C is a preprocessor that automates most of the tedious chores required of a MUI custom class writer. Archive

Miscellaneous MUI-related homepages

MUI Custom Classes Wish List If you want a particular class and do not want to make it yourself then try to get it on Kai Hofmanns wish list. You can of course also take a look at the list if you want to help by making one of the wished classes.
MUIUndoc This is a documentation of some of the otherwise undocumented features of MUI. Archive
The MUI Mailing List (official). If you are a developer and you either need help with MUI or want to help others with MUI then join the official mailing list. Unfortunately the web-based archives are no longer functioning and the mailing list has been unstable at times. An unofficial list has been created as an alternative - see below. Follow the link for further instructions about the official mailing list.
The MUI Mailing List (unofficial).
This is a general discussion forum for MUI programmers. It serves as an alternative to the official MUI list, because OneList.com seems to be a more reliable server and offers more features, like a mailinglist archive.
The official MUI homepage. This is as official as it can get.

Source examples

Examples by Christian Hattemer Here you can find various examples of MUI programming, e.g. the sources for MUIMasterMind and ML-Support.
MCC-example in StormC This is a basis for creating an MCC which is particular useful for users of StormC. The author is Allan Odgaard. Archive
MCC-Install MCC-Install is an installer script for MUI Custom Classes that is highly modular to be reusable for other installer scripts. Kai Hofmann is the author of this script. Archive
MCCLib This is a basis for creating MCCs. Archive
MCP-example in StormC A basis for creating an MCP which is mainly useful for users of StormC, but others will also find a lot of useful information in the source. The author is Allan Odgaard. Archive
TreeList.mcc and more The development of TreeList.mcc has unfortunately been stopped. John Haubrich has released the source code though, so hopefully someone will pick up where he left. You can also find other sources by John Haubrich if you follow the link.
Xen-bar source This archive will be useful if you would like to make some alternative #?.image files for MUI. It is the original source by Stefan Stuntz. Archive