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This section is dedicated to new image sets for MUI, in particular those which include new 'boopsi images'.

If you have created some nice images then please send them to TUMULT@Amiga.DK along with a screengrab and preferably also a short text to go with them.

Mario 'padrino' Cattaneo

The image to the right shows the new arrow gadgets and the xenbar which contrary to the normal ones make use of MagicWB's half-shadow and half-shine pens to make them appear smooth.

The archive also contain images for radiobuttons and checkmarks and some Diavolo-style drawers for use with Listtree.mcc.

Author Mario 'padrino' Cattaneo
Homepage http://www.cattaneo.de/
Archivepadrino.LHA (7.5 Kb, 19-Jan-2000)

Georg Rottlaender

This is actually an old set of images which has been on Aminet for a long time. It contains a nearly complete set of the standard images/buttons for MUI. Additionally this set features images/buttons for the PopXXX custom class by Klaus Melchior.

Author Georg Rottlaender
Homepage http://www.georg-rottlaender.de
ArchiveGR_MUI_Images.LHA (66.9 Kb, 17-Feb-2000)